WEEKLY UPDATE: JANUARY 27th – 31st and FEBRUARY 3 – 7, 2020


This theme will find us exploring the creatures and habitat found in an aquarium.
Sharks, crabs, jelly fish, sea turtles, and a feely tank will be included in our aquarium experiences.
We plan to create an aquarium display in the classroom which all can view at the Art Show on April 4th. Other activities will include an ocean sensory bin with alphabet shells, ocean books and puzzles and an ocean creature matching game.
The letter of the week activities are Q is for Queen Angelfish and R is for Ray.

January 27th -31st is a sharing week. The children are asked to bring in an item related to the aquarium theme on their scheduled sharing day.



“Some families are large, some families are small,but I love my family best of all!”

Families and Thanksgiving will be the focus of our activities for these two weeks. At circle time we will read Thanksgiving books, discuss our own family Thanksgiving celebrations, our favorite Thanksgiving foods and what we are thankful for. Other activities planned include painting turkeys at the easel, making turkey slime for the sensory table, baking corn muffins, a writing activity about our families and reading a My Big World magazine on Thanksgiving manners.

The letter of the week activity is J is for jacket.

At music time we will dance the turkey-pokey, sing On Thanksgiving Day by Laurie Berkner and this turkey song:

I’M A LITTLE TURKEY (tune of I’m a Little Teapot)
I’m a little turkey fluffy and brown.
My wings flip flop when I turn around.
I have a lot of feathers on my back,
And a big orange beak that goes click-clack.

**11/18 -11/22 is a sharing week. We are asking each child to bring in a family photo on their scheduled sharing day. You may send in a picture of just one or two individual relatives or a group picture; any family photo your child selects will be fine. We plan to pin the photos onto a classroom bulletin board for
several weeks. The photos will then be kept for each child’s end-of-the-year portfolio book.

*The December snack calendar is available to sign.
*There is a signup sheet for Tasty Tuesday on 11/19.
*We plan to be on the playground for 20 – 30 minutes each morning. Please dress your child for the weather and be sure all outerwear is labeled. When wearing boots, put shoes/slippers in the back pack to change into once we’re inside.
*As the cold weather approaches we must prepare for inclement weather. PPP is closed if the Pentucket School District is closed. When a delayed opening is announced PPP will hold school from 10:45-12:30 and Lunch Bunch will not be held.
*Parent-teacher conferences for the Red Apple group will be held on Friday, December 6th and Monday, December 9th from 9:00-11:15.
*Parent-teacher conferences for the Yellow Apple group will be held on Wednesday, December 11th and Thursday, 12th from 12:15 – 1:00 and Friday, December 13th from 9:00 – 11:15.
*Conference signup sheets will be posted on the fence to schedule an appointment. If you cannot access these you may call or email for an appointment time.
*The children will be creating winter art for the bulletin boards at the Groveland library. Be sure to come by in December to see their creations!

WEEKLY UPDATE: MAY 6 – 10, 2019


“Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” This familiar nursery rhyme sums up this week’s learning experiences on gardens. We will be exploring the purposes, types and places for flower and vegetable gardens.

We will also learn the names of garden tools and what plants need to grow.

Some of the learning experiences planned include:

-reading a My Big World magazine about sunflowers

-planting a hairy Harry (grass seed in a cup)

-observing root growth by sprouting carrot tops at the science center

-a counting activity using beans and flower pots

-painting with plastic flowers and

-a group project of planting flowers on the playground.


*Curious Creatures will be visiting PPP on Thursday May 30th for two 40minute programs. If your child does not attend school on Thursdays you may sign up to attend one of the programs. A sign up sheet will be posted on the fence. More information on this will come home as the date nears. This activity is for PPP students only. We will not be able to accommodate siblings at this event.

Information and registration forms for the summer program have been sent home. Summer registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

*We wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day!

WEEKLY UPDATE: APRIL 22 – 26, 2019


This week we will explore a variety of occupations. The activities planned include:

-reading books about workers in our community

-completing a When I Grow Up writing activity

– story time with the Groveland Librarian, Meghan McCabe, on Tuesday

-touring Ms. Sherry’s school bus and

-a letter Y is for yellow activity.

This is also a SHARING WEEK. The children are asked to bring in an item related to any occupation on their scheduled sharing day.

If anyone would like to come into the classroom to share their job with the class please see a teacher to schedule a day & time over the next few weeks.


*Wednesday, May 1st, the class picture will be taken at 9:30. Non-Wednesday children are asked to meet us in Fellowship Hall at 9:30 for the picture.

Purchasing the picture is optional but we hope everyone will come to be in the class photo. Order forms will be sent home as soon as we receive them from Hockmeyer Studios.

*The Art Show was a great success! Thanks to all who came to view the fantastic art work- the children were so proud to show their creations! 

*PPP is offering a summer program for three weeks in July. Each session meets Monday – Thursday from 9:00-12:30 and costs $125 per child per session. The program will run July 8 – 11, July 15 – 18 and July 22 – 25. Information and a signup sheet will be out after April vacation week.

WEEK UPDATES: MARCH 25 – 29 and APRIL 1 – 5, 2019

Our unit on spring – YAY! – begins! During these two weeks we will explore this rejuvenating season. We plan to:

  • create spring flowers with a variety of materials,
  • read books and sing songs about spring and springtime activities,
  • learn about the weather we see in springtime and conduct a weather experiment at circle time and at music time we’ll sing Spring is Here!, Birds in a Circle, Over in the Meadow,

Do You See a Sign of Spring and more!

The letter of the week activities are V is for vase and W is for wind.


*If you have signed up to bring a bake sale item for the Art Show please bring

it to school on Friday 4/5 by 12:30 or Saturday morning by 10:15 so we can set up the bake sale table. Thank you!

*Along with the book raffle we are raffling off our wooden doll carriage. It is gently used but ready for many more years of play.

*We recommend wearing boots to school daily as the parking lot and the playground can be wet and messy. Please bring shoes to change into once indoors.

*The April snack calendar is attached. There will be one more snack calendar for May/June. Please send an email if you would like to bring a snack and cannot access the sign up sheet.

*There is a sign up sheet for Tasty Tuesday on April 9th.

*Lunch Bunch will not be held on Friday, April 5thand Friday April 9th.

*Progress reports will be sent home in April. These do not need to be signed or returned. Please call or see your child’s teacher if you have any questions.


This week we are collecting recyclable materials to use in the classroom. We plan to paint, glue, stack, build and sort them while we learnabout the 3 Rs- reduce, reuse, andrecycle!

A fun song we’ll learn this week: (tune is to The More We Get Together)

Reduce, reuse, recycle, recycle, recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle it’s easy to do.

‘Cause your trash and my trash make up way too much trash.

Reduce, reuse recycle it’s easy to do!

The letter of the week activity is T is for Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Wear green on Friday for some St. Patrick’s Day fun!


As we explore transportation this week the children will become aware of the many ways people travel from one place to another. This is a Sharing Week– the children may bring in an item related to their favorite way to travel!

The letter of the week activity is U is for unicycle.


*The April snack calendar will be available to sign this week.

*The Curious George tickets should arrive soon.There is one extra ticket if anyone is interested, just let me know.

*The Art Show will be held on Saturday April 6thfrom 10:30-12:00—see attached.

*Please continue to wear boots and dress warmly in the morning as playground time can still feel like winter even though…Spring is only two weeks away!!



This week the dramatic play center will be set up as a doctor’s office called the

Teddy Bear Clinic. Each child is invited to bring in a teddy bear (or other stuffed animal) for a check up on their scheduled sharing day. This will give everyone the chance to visit this area to give their animal a check up and receive a certificate of good health for their animal friend.

Other activities planned for the week include –

– identifying common tools used by physicians,

-creating a doctor’s bag,

-dressing up as doctors and nurses in the dramatic play area and

-a letter R is for rainbow activity.

At music time we will go on a bear hunt, sing Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear and dance the Teddy Bear Freeze!


*Any contributions of doctor props would be greatly appreciated.

Cotton balls and Q-tips will be used for painting and Band-Aids and gauze are

items that can be used to help give our animal friends a good check-up! Thank you!

*The March snack calendar is available to sign. Give a call or email if you’d like

to bring in a snack and are unable to access the sign up sheets.

*The Yellow Apple group has started home visits with the class book buddy,

Knuffle Bunny, and two books by Mo Willems, Knuffle Bunnyand Knuffle Bunny Too. Each child will have the opportunity to bring the book buddy home for two nights and then write about the experience in the class journal. The children are very excited and anxiously awaiting their turn!



This week our classroom will come alive with the sights and sounds of a tropical rainforest. We will learn about the levels of the rainforest, the vegetation and the many creatures that inhabit each; including frogs, spiders, snakes, monkeys, jaguars, toucans, butterflies and sloths.

At the science center we’ll explore a coconut and a pineapple and use pattern blocks to make rainforest snakes. Music time will find us singing and moving about like monkeys, alligators, snakes and more!

Books we’ll be reading include: Rainforest Babies- Kathy Darling

Who Lives in the Rainforest? ; Monkeys; and Rainforest Colors-Susan Canizares

The Great Kapok Tree- Lynn Cherry

Flashy, Fantastic Rainforest Frogs- Dorothy Patent

The letter of the week activities are O is for owl and P is for parrot.

**January 28 – February 1 is a SHARING WEEK. The children are asked to bring in an item related to the rainforest theme on their scheduled sharing day.



*There is no school on Monday, 1/21, for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

*The classroom bulletin boards will become a tropical rainforest with many of the children’s creations. You will be invited to view all of these at the Art Show which will be held on Saturday, April 6th. More info will come home as the date nears.

*Looking ahead…The children are welcome to distribute Valentine cards to all of their classmates on Monday 2/11 through Wednesday 2/13. Everyone will decorate a bag to receive cards and the bags will be sent home from Wednesday 2/13 – Friday 2/15.There are 22 Red Apples and 15 Yellow Apples.

*Your child may sign the inside of the cards, but please leave the outside envelope blank for ease of distributing the cards.

*The Yellow Apple Group will begin home visits with the class book buddy this week.

Knuffle Bunny, and two books by Mo Willems, will go home with each child for two nights and the children are asked to write about their experience in the class journal. All are looking forward to their turn!


Monday (21) Martin Luther King, Jr Day

Tuesday (22) graham crackers Matt

Wednesday (23) yogurt Dominic

Thursday (24) fruit Luke, Evie

Friday (25) pretzels Maddox

Monday (28) bananas Georgia

Tuesday (29) cucumbers & dip Sophie

Wednesday (30) Cheerios & raisins Nora

Thursday (31) applesauce & crackers Stella

Friday (1) yogurt

WEEK OF: JANUARY 14 – 18, 2019


This theme will take the children on a journey around the world! Japan, France,

Mexico and Australia are among the places we will visit. We plan to explore a variety of crafts, flags, music, dance, and languages – each country has something different to share!

We’ll learn to say ‘hello’ and ‘friend’ in several languages, dress in cultural attire in the dramatic play center and use lava play dough in the sensory table. At music time we’ll sing a favorite song, Hello to All the Children of the World, Frere Jacques, dance the Mexican Hat Dance and more!

The letter of the week activity is N is for newspaper.


*The February snack calendar is available to sign.

*There will be a Tasty Tuesday lunch on February 12th.

*Registration forms for the 2019-2020 school year have been sent home.

Please let me know if you did not receive one yet. Priority registration is open to

PPP families until January 18th. After that date registration will be ongoing and

new families are welcome to register.

*We have a colorful umbrella here that was left at the holiday party.

Let me know if it’s yours!

*Would anyone like to help plan a parent group get- together at Amazement?

Or a trip to the North Shore Music Theater in March to see Curious George?

Please let me know.


Monday (14) cheese & crackers Vivian

Tuesday (15) chips & salsa Sean Michael

Wednesday (16) carrots & dip Liam

Thursday (17) hummus & pita bread Cooper

Friday (18) bananas



Children love music and music plays an important role in their lives. From singing songs and playing instruments, dancing and exercising to music, we will explore all aspects of music this week. Throughout the week we’ll listen to different types of music, learn some new songs and perhaps make up one of our own! Musical activities your child may participate include:

-dancing with scarves

-playing instruments at music time

-decorating musical notes

-painting to music

-recording our voices

-making a musical shaker or tamborine.

The letter of the week is K is for keyboard.

*This is a sharing week. We are asking the children to bring in something related

to music on their scheduled sharing day.


*Progress reports will be coming home this week. They do not need to be signed or returned. There are still time slots available to meet with your child’s teacher.

*Attached is the notice for the holiday celebration which will be held on

Friday, December 21stat 9:30. There is no regular preschool class that Friday.

*Registration forms for the 2019-2020 school year will be sent home mid-

December. PPP families are encouraged to return their forms by January 18thto

reserve your first choice schedule. After January 18thenrollment will be open

for new families to register.

More information will come home with the registration forms.

*The January snack calendar is available to sign this week.