Sharing (or Show and Tell) is an activity where your child chooses something from home to bring to school to “share” with his/her classmates during group time. All sharing choices are theme-related. This is a wonderful opportunity to build self-esteem and confidence in your child. This is also a way to make the all-important connection between home and school; you are helping your child with the choice of what to bring and may also encourage your child to tell you about the selections made by classmates. All children are assigned a day that will remain the same each sharing week throughout the year. If your child should happen to miss the scheduled sharing day, just bring it in on the next day your child attends school. PLEASE; No violent or scary toys.

2023 – 2024 Themes and their scheduled weeks:

Week of:
September 25 – My Favorite Color
October 16 – This Keeps Me Healthy
November 13 – A Family Photo
December 11 – Something Musical
January 22 – A Multicutural Item
February 26 – A Favorite Book
March 18 – Something Artistic
April 29 – When I Grow Up
May 20 – Children’s Choice