February 5th – 9th

We will learn about the importance of recycling and also have fun painting and creating with recyclable items. This week the children will make a Valentine bag to receive Valentine cards from their classmates.

Valentine cards may be sent in any time now. The children will deliver the cards to their classmates’ bags from February 12th – 14th. They will bring the bags home on Valentine’s Day and on Thursday 15th.

February 12th – 16th

If you would like to participate and have your child bring in cards, please send in enough cards for your child’s entire group.
There are 16 Red Apples and 18 Yellow Apples.
For ease of delivery, leave the outside envelope blank; this way the children will easily be able to deliver them to each Valentine bag.

We ask that no food items be sent in with the Valentine cards.

February 19th – 23rd is school vacation week.
Enjoy the week!

February 26th -March 1st
THEME: AUTHORSThis is SHARING WEEK. The children are asked to bring in a favorite book on their scheduled sharing day.

  • The March snack calendar is now available to sign.
  • Please note: Lunch Bunch will not be held on Friday, March 15th.
  • The Yellow Apple group has started home visits with the class book buddy, Knufflebunny. All Yellow Apples will have a turn to bring Knufflebunny home for 2 nights. We are so excited and can hardly wait for our turn!