Young children learn best by “doing.” A hands-on approach, where children feel safe meeting new challenges, is used in our school. The children are active and creative participants in our learning centers, which include blocks, dramatic play, puzzles and manipulatives, creative art, computer, writing, music and library.

Our planned activities are theme based, with literature a strong component of the program. We do not teach religious education. We encourage the whole learning process and not just the end product. The teachers are the facilitators to help the children explore the classroom environment and feel successful in their tasks. We hope to develop active, curious learners with high self-esteem.

We believe that a major goal of our program is to teach the child to interact well with other children and adults. Fostering the development of the language and social skills necessary to accomplish this goal is encouraged throughout all areas of our program.

We provide an environment where the young child’s confidence, creative capabilities and independence will be encouraged to grow and develop.

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