March 11th – 15th and 18th – 22nd, 2024

During our focus on art, we will explore a variety of artists, their tools, supplies, and where works of art can be seen ~ we will then create some masterpieces of our own! Our featured artist this year is Jackson Pollock. Each child will create a Pollock inspired splatter painting for the Art Show.

  • Be sure to wear green on Friday, 3/15, for some St Patrick’s Day fun!

Letter of the week activities are V is for violets and W is for walrus.

March 18th – 22nd is SHARING WEEK. The children are asked to bring in an art-related item on their scheduled sharing day.


  • A Tasty Tuesday Lunch Bunch is scheduled for March 12th from 12:00 – 1:00. (Sign-ups are offered until Friday 12/8.)
  • Lunch Bunch will not be held on Friday, March 15th.
  • Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 4th for our 13th annual Art Show! More information will come home as the date nears.

Monday (11) pretzels – Kelley
Tuesday (12) Goldfish – Liam
Wednesday (13) bananas – Mera
Thursday (14) apples – Kaetlyn
Friday (15) Teddy Grahams –

Monday (18) yogurt – Colin
Tuesday (19) raisins – Vera
Wednesday (20) Kix cereal – Jenna
Thursday (21) applesauce – Oliver
Friday (22) carrots – Nola


February 26 – March 1 and March 4 – 8


The focus of our learning experiences for these two weeks will be on popular children’s authors and illustrators. Each day we will read a variety of books by selected authors and the classroom activities will involve these books as well.

* 2/26 is a sharing week.
The children may bring in a favorite book on their scheduled sharing day. When sharing their book with the group, each child will be encouraged to talk about their book and show their favorite page.

* On Thursday and Friday, we will have fun with Dr. Seuss activities in honor of his birthday on March 2nd. This day is recognized as National Read Across America Day which many schools celebrate. At PPP we will read a selection of Dr. Seuss books and have activities planned related to the stories.

– The children may wear silly socks to school on Thursday 2/29.
– The children may wear lots of red and blue on Friday3/1.

The letter of the week activities are T is for tooth and U is for umbrella.

There is a sign-up sheet for those who would like to attend the Tasty Tuesday Lunch Bunch on March 12th.

Monday (26) – birthday celebration – Colin
Tuesday (27) – cheese & crackers – Caroline & Grace
Wednesday (28) – carrots – Carly
Thursday (29) – pretzels – Kaetlyn
Friday (1) – mini bagels & cream cheese – Nolan

Monday (4) – chips & salsa – Carly
Tuesday (5) – yogurt-
Wednesday (6) applesauce – Mera
Thursday (7) Pirate’s Booty – Austin
Friday (8) sun butter & crackers – Julian


February Weekly Updates

February 5th – 9th

We will learn about the importance of recycling and also have fun painting and creating with recyclable items. This week the children will make a Valentine bag to receive Valentine cards from their classmates.

Valentine cards may be sent in any time now. The children will deliver the cards to their classmates’ bags from February 12th – 14th. They will bring the bags home on Valentine’s Day and on Thursday 15th.

February 12th – 16th

If you would like to participate and have your child bring in cards, please send in enough cards for your child’s entire group.
There are 16 Red Apples and 18 Yellow Apples.
For ease of delivery, leave the outside envelope blank; this way the children will easily be able to deliver them to each Valentine bag.

We ask that no food items be sent in with the Valentine cards.

February 19th – 23rd is school vacation week.
Enjoy the week!

February 26th -March 1st
THEME: AUTHORSThis is SHARING WEEK. The children are asked to bring in a favorite book on their scheduled sharing day.

  • The March snack calendar is now available to sign.
  • Please note: Lunch Bunch will not be held on Friday, March 15th.
  • The Yellow Apple group has started home visits with the class book buddy, Knufflebunny. All Yellow Apples will have a turn to bring Knufflebunny home for 2 nights. We are so excited and can hardly wait for our turn!

WEEKLY UPDATES: January 22nd – 26th – January 29th – February 2nd

January 22nd – January 26th: AROUND THE WORLD

This theme will take the children on a journey around the world. China, France, Australia, and South America are among the places we will visit. We plan to explore a variety of crafts, animals, music, and flags – each country has something
different to share!

1/22 is SHARING WEEK. The children may bring in an item related to the multi-cultural theme on their scheduled sharing day.

January 29th – February 2nd: GUNG HAY FAT CHOY

1/29 we will celebrate Chinese New Year (the year of the dragon) with a dragon parade, coin hunt and exchange a greeting of Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Registration for the 2024- 2025 school year is open to all and we are excited to have many inquiries and visitors. The open house was well attended! Many families mentioned they came on recommendations from friends now attending PPP – thank
you for your support!

Information on the 2-week summer program will be sent home at the end of April.

The sessions will be held Monday – Thursday; July 15th – 18th and
July 22nd – 25th from 9:00-1:00.

Monday (22) bananas- Julian
Tuesday (23) Pirate’s Booty – Kaetlyn
Wednesday (24) apples – Jonathan
Thursday (25) raisins & pretzels – Jenna
Friday (26) chips & salsa – Caroline & Grace
Monday (29) graham crackers – Eliza
Tuesday (30) Goldfish – Liam
Wednesday (31) pretzels – Nola
Thursday (1) oranges – Deven
Friday (2) – animal crackers – Calvin

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