WEEK OF: FEBRUARY 22 – 26, 2021

As we explore transportation this week the children will become aware of the many ways people can travel from one place to another.
Activities for the week include completing transportation puzzles, creating patterns with vehicles, reading books on transportation and making a collage of our favorite way to travel. At music time we’ll sing the Wheels on the Bus, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad and Laurie Berkner’s Airplane Song.
The letter of the week activity is Q is for queen.

WEEK OF: MARCH 1 – 5, 2021


This week we will have fun with Dr. Seuss activities in honor of his birthday on March 2nd. This day is recognized as National Read Across America Day which many schools celebrate. At PPP we will read a selection of Dr. Seuss books each day and have activities planned related to the stories.
The letter of the week activity is R is for read.


*Children may wear silly socks to school on Monday 3/1 and Thursday 3/4

*Children are asked to wear the colors red and blue to school on
Tuesday 3/2 and Friday 3/5.

*Registration forms for the 2021-2022 school year have been sent home.
Enrollment is now open for new families and spots will be filled on a first come first served basis.

*There is a signup sheet for those who would like their child (children) to attend school on WOW in March. You are welcome to sign up through email, too.

Monday (2/22) mini bagels & cream cheese Jack
Tuesday (2/23) pretzels & raisins Jackson

Thursday (2/25) Goldfish PPP will do
Friday (2/26) pretzels & raisins Carrie

Monday (3/1) Goldfish Cameron
Tuesday (3/2) bananas

Thursday (3/4) Goldfish Emma
Friday (3/5) bananas

Read Across America Day

It’s never too cold, too wet or too hot
To pick up a book, and share what you’ve got.
You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild
To pick up a book and read with a child.
In churches and chambers, let’s gather round
Let’s pick up a book, let’s pass it around
There are children around you, children in need
Of someone who’ll hug, someone who’ll read.
So join us March 2nd in your special own way
And make this America’s read to Kids Day.
-Anita Merina, 1997

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