Weekly Update: FEBRUARY 24 – 28, 2020


The focus of our learning experiences for these two weeks will be on popular children’s authors and illustrators. Each day we will read a variety of books by selected authors and the classroom activities will involve these books also. The books selected for the first week will center on a nighttime theme to include Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown, Good Night Gorilla by Peggy Rathmann and Good Night Ocean and Good Night Trains by Mark Jasper.

We look forward to storytime with the Groveland Librarian on Monday.

The letter of the week activity is T is for trains.


This will be a colorful week of reading! Each day the books and classroom centers will focus on some of the children’s favorites and we’ll wear the following colors-

Monday – Dr Seuss’ birthday – wear silly socks.

Tuesday – Pete the Cat books by Eric Litwin – wear blue

Wednesday – Llama, Llama books by Anna Dewdney– wear red

Thursday – Froggy books by Jonathan London – wear green

Friday – The Dot by Peter Reynolds – wear orange

The letter of the week activity is U is for unicorn.

*Congratulations to Rafe Miller and family on the birth of baby brother, Jett. *Congratulations to Jesse Warne and family on the birth of baby sister, Holly.

*The March snack calendar is available to sign.

*MARK YOUR CALENDARS: the Art Show will be held on Saturday, April 4th from 10:30-12:00. A bake sale and a book raffle will be held also. More info will come home as the date nears.

*Children’s medical forms are current for one year from the date of the physical exam. If your child has had a recent physical please send in a copy of the current physical form to be kept on file. Thank you.

*Families are still reporting cases of the flu and colds. Attached is a flu symptom checklist which may be helpful if your child has any cold or flu symptoms.

WEEKLY UPDATE: February 10 – 14, 2020

This week the activities in our classroom will focus on Valentine’s Day,
friendship and the Post Office. Circle time activities will include reading books and discussing the importance of sharing, giving, loving and friendship. We will deliver Valentine cards to our friends’ mailbags and explore the Post Office set up in the dramatic play area. Other activities planned for the week include:

-playing musical hearts and other Valentine games

-sponge painting hearts

-making a Valentine card for our families

-a letter S is for sun activity and

-learning Valentine songs and poems at music time. One the children love to
recite is: “I love you, I love you, I love you divine,
Please give me your bubblegum, you’re sitting on mine!”

*The dramatic play area will be set up as a Post Office this week. Any donations of stickers, paper and envelopes would be appreciated. Thank you.
*At circle time this week the Yellow Apples will begin to learn their addresses and to recognize their address in print.
*Children are asked to bring in Valentine cards Monday 2/10, Tuesday 2/11 and Wednesday 2/12. To make distributing the cards easier please have your child sign the cards, but do not address it to anyone on the outside. Also send in enough cards for your child’s entire group. There are 17 Yellow Apples and 18 Red Apples.

*The March snack calendar will be available to sign this week.

*Please call or send an email when your child is going to be absent from school.

*February school vacation week is February 17th-21st. Enjoy the week!

*The children are getting excited about the art work they have made which will be displayed at the Art Show on April 4th. More information will come home as the date nears.

WEEKLY UPDATE: JANUARY 27th – 31st and FEBRUARY 3 – 7, 2020


This theme will find us exploring the creatures and habitat found in an aquarium.
Sharks, crabs, jelly fish, sea turtles, and a feely tank will be included in our aquarium experiences.
We plan to create an aquarium display in the classroom which all can view at the Art Show on April 4th. Other activities will include an ocean sensory bin with alphabet shells, ocean books and puzzles and an ocean creature matching game.
The letter of the week activities are Q is for Queen Angelfish and R is for Ray.

January 27th -31st is a sharing week. The children are asked to bring in an item related to the aquarium theme on their scheduled sharing day.

Weekly Update: January 13 – 17,2020


Polar bear, Polar bear, what do you hear? by Eric Carle will be read this week along with other books to discover who lives in the arctic. We’ll explore where they live, what they look like and create some of these interesting animals ourselves!

The dramatic play center continues to have ice fishing, ice skating and, of course, hot chocolate and hot chocolate!

The letter of the week activity is O is for owl.

January 20 – 24, 202 THEME: DINOMITE DINOS

There is no preschool on Monday, 1/20, for Martin Luther King, Jr. day.

This week we will explore the exciting world of dinosaurs…always a favorite topic in preschool!

The letter of the week activity is P is for Paleontologist.

WEEKLY UPDATE: DECEMBER 9TH – 13TH and 16TH – 20TH, 2019


There is excitement in the air and in the classroom as the children eagerly anticipate the upcoming holidays.
There are many holiday learning experiences planned for these two weeks. We will explore our families’ customs and holiday traditions and then discover holiday traditions from Mexico, France, Germany, Sweden and more! Center time activities will include creating holiday crafts from different countries, listening to favorite holiday books at the listening center, using scented play dough with holiday cookie cutters, playing the Dreidel game and singing many popular carols which we will also sing at the party on 12/20.
Also, all the children will be busy working on a special gift for their families.
The letter of the week activities are L is for lights and M is for Menorah.

December 9-13 is a sharing week…the children are asked to bring in a holiday treasure on their scheduled sharing day.

A Santa song we will sing at the party. (Tune of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes)
Hat, whiskers, belt and boots, belt and boots.
Hat, whiskers, belt and boots, belt and boots.
Twinkling eyes and a little cherry nose,
Hat, whiskers, belt and boots, belt and boots.

*The holiday party will be held on Friday 12/20 @ 9:30. See attached.
*Classes resume on Thursday, January 2nd.
* Registration forms for the 2020/2021 school year will be sent
home next week. Please return your forms by 1/15 to receive your preferred
schedule. New families are welcome to register after January 15th. New families looking for preschool may call or email for information.
*Our giving tree will be in Fellowship Hall during the party for families to decorate with mittens and socks. Thank you.



“Some families are large, some families are small,but I love my family best of all!”

Families and Thanksgiving will be the focus of our activities for these two weeks. At circle time we will read Thanksgiving books, discuss our own family Thanksgiving celebrations, our favorite Thanksgiving foods and what we are thankful for. Other activities planned include painting turkeys at the easel, making turkey slime for the sensory table, baking corn muffins, a writing activity about our families and reading a My Big World magazine on Thanksgiving manners.

The letter of the week activity is J is for jacket.

At music time we will dance the turkey-pokey, sing On Thanksgiving Day by Laurie Berkner and this turkey song:

I’M A LITTLE TURKEY (tune of I’m a Little Teapot)
I’m a little turkey fluffy and brown.
My wings flip flop when I turn around.
I have a lot of feathers on my back,
And a big orange beak that goes click-clack.

**11/18 -11/22 is a sharing week. We are asking each child to bring in a family photo on their scheduled sharing day. You may send in a picture of just one or two individual relatives or a group picture; any family photo your child selects will be fine. We plan to pin the photos onto a classroom bulletin board for
several weeks. The photos will then be kept for each child’s end-of-the-year portfolio book.

*The December snack calendar is available to sign.
*There is a signup sheet for Tasty Tuesday on 11/19.
*We plan to be on the playground for 20 – 30 minutes each morning. Please dress your child for the weather and be sure all outerwear is labeled. When wearing boots, put shoes/slippers in the back pack to change into once we’re inside.
*As the cold weather approaches we must prepare for inclement weather. PPP is closed if the Pentucket School District is closed. When a delayed opening is announced PPP will hold school from 10:45-12:30 and Lunch Bunch will not be held.
*Parent-teacher conferences for the Red Apple group will be held on Friday, December 6th and Monday, December 9th from 9:00-11:15.
*Parent-teacher conferences for the Yellow Apple group will be held on Wednesday, December 11th and Thursday, 12th from 12:15 – 1:00 and Friday, December 13th from 9:00 – 11:15.
*Conference signup sheets will be posted on the fence to schedule an appointment. If you cannot access these you may call or email for an appointment time.
*The children will be creating winter art for the bulletin boards at the Groveland library. Be sure to come by in December to see their creations!


Pumpkins and Halloween will be the focus of our activities for the upcoming two weeks. Classroom activities will include; cutting out jack o’ lantern faces, painting ghosts, bats and pumpkins for Halloween, playing a Halloween matching game, dressing in costumes in the dramatic play center and reading a My Big World Magazine on pumpkins. Science exploration will include carving a large jack o’ lantern for the classroom, baking pumpkin muffins and conducting a pumpkin volcano experiment!

The letter of the week activities are F is for fall and G is for ghost.

At music time we will learn Halloween songs as we prepare for the party on the 31st.

10/21 – 10/25 is a SHARING WEEK. The children may bring in a fall or Halloween item on their scheduled sharing day.

*non-perishable items for the Halloween party should be sent in by Tuesday 29th. Thank you!
*The Yankee Candle orders are due by Monday, 10/28.
*There is a signup sheet for the family afternoon at AMAZEment on November 4th.
*This year we will be decorating a bulletin board at the Groveland Library with PPP art work! Stop by for a look! The board will change throughout the year to provide everyone the opportunity to have their creations displayed.

WEEKLY UPDATE: October 14 – 18, 2019

Highlights of Safety Week activities:

Monday – Columbus Day- no preschool class
Tuesday – presentation on electrical safety by Groveland Light Co.
Wednesday – tour of Ms. Sherry’s school bus
Thursday- individual photos taken by Hockmeyer Studios.
Thursday students will go to Fellowship Hall at 9:30 with their teachers and classmates for pictures. All others are asked to come between 10:30 – 11:15 for pictures. Order forms will be sent home as soon as we receive them. Having your child’s picture taken is optional.
Friday – fire safety presentation with Firefighter Andrew

The letter of the week activity is E is for elephant.

Fire drills will be held several days this week. We do not sound the alarm, we practice leaving the building quickly and quietly in case of an emergency.

Fire drills are conducted on a monthly basis after this week.

Reminders, Requests and other info:
*The Halloween party notice is available.
*There is a signup sheet for contributions for the Halloween party.
*The November snack calendar will be available to sign this week.
*The next group get together is planned for Monday, November 4th at Amazement in Bradford. A signup sheet will be posted and payment is due one week prior to this event.



Autumn is in the air and in the classroom as we explore this colorful season. At circle time we will talk about the signs of fall, the changes that fall brings and some of our favorite fall activities. We plan to paint with fall colors at the easel, create apple print pictures and collect leaves for a fall collage. Our science center will have mini pumpkins, gourds, leaves and corn for exploration.

An acorn song we will sing this week:

I’m an acorn small and round (make circle with fingers)

Lying on the cold, cold ground (pretend to sleep)

Everybody steps on me (walk),

That is why I’m cracked you see (shrug)

I’m a nut, tsk, tsk, I’m a nut, tsk, tsk, I’m an acorn nut, tsk, tsk

The letter of the week activities are C is for cupcake and D is for duck.


*Tuesday – October 1st – Open House and Ice Cream Social, 6-7PM

* The pumpkin picking trip is Monday 10/7; $6.50 per child is due by Monday morning. It is not too late to sign up. A sign up sheet and money collection envelope is on the fence at arrival time.

*The Yankee Candle Fundraiser packets may be picked up at the open house.

There are additional order forms if anyone needs one. This is our one fundraiser for the year and we appreciate your support. Please return all orders by Monday

10/28. Orders can also be placed online.

*Yoga Bunch begins on 10/8. There is one open spot for this lunch/yoga four week session.

*The Groveland librarian visited PPP on Monday 9/23 for a story time. She will come throughout the year and her next visit is Tuesday 10/8.

*A photographer from Hockmeyer Studios will be here on Thursday 10/17 for  those interested in having their child’s photo taken. More info and a picture order form will come home with the next update.

* Our Halloween party will be held in Fellowship Hall on Thursday, 10/31 at 9:30. All PPP children are invited to attend with a parent/caregiver. Regular preschool class is not held that day. The party concludes with a Halloween parade outside in front of the church @ 10:45. More information will come home as the date nears.


This week at Perry Park the children will continue to explore new centers in the classroom. Circle time activities will include singing songs and playing games to help learn the names of our teachers and new friends. Other friendship activities will include creating a friendship heart for the classroom, finger painting with friends and painting Bag Buddies (which the children will take home at the Open House).
Also this week we will begin our letter of the week activities with A is for APPLE.
There are many reminders and requests..…any questions please call!

* Wear nametags for the first week of school.
* Clearly label backpacks and be sure to keep a complete change of clothes inside.
* Lunch Bunch begins on Wednesday 9/18. There is space available to sign up. Please see the notice in your orientation packet for more information.
* The book order is due by Friday 9/20.
* The 2nd tuition installment is now due. The 3rd installment will be due October 1st.
* PPP will provide snacks for the first two weeks. Daily snacks are listed on the snack calendar found in the orientation packet. Water is served with the snack of the day.
* The October snack calendar will be available to sign-up next week.
* There is a signup sheet for the first parent group outing to Roger’s Spring Hill Farm on Monday, October 7th at 12:30