This week we will learn the three Rs of recycling: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. By participating in the classroom learning experiences the children will learn ways to recycle, classify recycled items, create art projects with a variety of recyclable materials and discover the importance of caring for the environment.

-Also, each child will decorate a Valentine bag to receive Valentines cards from classmates.

*Valentine cards may be sent into school anytime this week and next. The children will take their bags home on February 13th and 14th. If you choose to send in Valentine cards, please send enough for your child’s entire group.

*There are 18 Yellow Apples and 19 Red Apples.

*Children may sign their names inside the cards, but please leave the outside envelope blank for ease of distributing the cards.


*Congratulations to the Corr family (Red Apple Liam) on the birth of new baby, Owen, on January 19th!

*We enjoy playing in the snow on the playground! Please send your child dressed for winter fun each day.

*Be sure to check the spare clothes in your child’s backpack so they have everything they need…just in case.

*Enrollment for the 2023-2024 school year is underway! We had a successful Open House last weekend and registration forms will be accepted until we are at full enrollment. The next Open House will be on the Saturday morning of the art show, 4/1, prior to the start of the show. Tell your friends!

*Thanks for sending in the recycling items, we are now all set for the week!


Monday (30) chips & salsa – PPP will do

Tuesday (31) mini bagels & cream cheese – Brandt

Wednesday (1) sun butter & crackers – Hallie

Thursday (2) yogurt & berries – Dylan

Friday (3) cucumbers & dip – Nola