This week the activities in our classroom will focus on Valentine’s Day, friendship and the Post Office. Circle time activities will include reading books and discussing the importance of sharing, giving, loving and friendship. We will deliver Valentine cards to our friends’ mailbags and explore the Post Office set up in the dramatic play area. Other activities planned for the week include:

-playing musical hearts and other Valentine games
-playing musical hearts and other Valentine games
-sponge painting hearts
-making a Valentine card for our families
-letter R is for roses and
-learning Valentine songs and poems at music time. One the children love to
recite is: “I love you, I love you, I love you divine,
Please give me your bubblegum, you’re sitting on mine!”


*The ticket money for Madagascar is due by Friday February 16th. There are 4 extra tickets if anyone else would like to attend, please let me know!

*The dramatic play area will be set up as a Post Office this week. Any donations
of stickers, paper and envelopes would be appreciated. Thank you.

*At circle time this week the Yellow Apples will begin to learn their addresses and to recognize their address in print.

*Children are asked to bring in Valentine cards Monday 2/12, Tuesday 2/13 and Wednesday 2/14. To make distributing the cards easier please have your child
sign the cards, but do not address it to anyone on the outside. Also send in enough cards for your child’s entire group. There are 25 Yellow Apples and 15 Red Apples.

*The March snack calendar will be available to sign this week.

*There is a signup sheet for the pizza lunch on Wednesday, February 14th.

*Please call or send an email when your child is going to be absent from school.

*February school vacation week is February 19th – 23rd. Enjoy the week!

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