3/8 – 3/12
This is a SHARING week. The children may bring in a favorite book on their
scheduled sharing day. When sharing with the group each child will be encouraged to talk about their book and show their favorite page.

Other reading activities include playing a Very Hungry Caterpillar game and a Dr Seuss matching game and reading, Rhyming Dust Bunnies, by Jan Thomas and completing a rhyming activity. The letter of the week is R is for read.

3/15 – 3/ 19
This week we will mix colors to make new colors, try an experiment with Skittles and practice our scissor skills by cutting paint strips. We will learn about the artist, Jackson Pollack, and create our own Jackson Pollack-like splatter paintings.

Wear your favorite colors to school on Tuesday 3/9 and Friday, 3/12!
The letter of the week activity is S is for snake.

* WOW with lunch bunch will be held on Wednesday, 3/10 for the Monday/Tuesday group.
* WOW with lunch bunch will be held on Wednesday, 3/24 for the Thursday/Friday group.
* Boots are recommended for the playground in the morning as there are still wet, snowy patches and the bark mulch can be damp at times. Please send shoes or slippers to wear in the classroom.

Monday (8) carrots and dip PPP will do
Tuesday (9) cheese and crackers Jackson
WOW (10) Goldfish PPP will do
Thursday (11) carrots and dip Stella, Brooke
Friday (12) cheese and crackers Christian

Monday (15) mini bagels and cream cheese Viv, Ben
Tuesday (16) birthday celebration Harper, Brielle, Cameron
Thursday (18) birthday celebration Mila
Friday (19) mini bagels and cream cheese Henry

WOW! New Wednesday addition

PPP Families,

Perry Park is happy to announce an addition to our current schedule.

Beginning in March, each group will have the option of attending school on a Wednesday morning.

The Monday/Tuesday class is welcome to attend on-Wednesday, March 10th

The Thursday/Friday class is welcome to attend on- Wednesday, March 24th

Class will meet from 9:00-12:00 and the fee for the morning is $36.00

Additional info:

*A minimum of 8 children is required to hold this program.

*Families are asked to sign up one week in advance. Payment is due upon signing
up. In the event of a snow day or other PPP cancellation, the day will be made up
at a future date. Refunds will not be offered.

*Sign-ups will be unavailable on WOW day.

*Lunch Bunch will be held for a $10 fee. Five children are required to hold LunchBunch. If interested in Lunch Bunch, please sign up to attend when you sign up for WOW.

Many families have requested adding days to their child’s schedule. At this time, EEC does not permit mixing cohorts of children. We hope WOW will be a good start to adding an extra day. If possible, we will continue to offer WOW days in April and May and will keep you posted of the schedule.

We hope you’ll consider participating in WOW at PPP!

PPP staff


WEEK OF: FEBRUARY 22 – 26, 2021

As we explore transportation this week the children will become aware of the many ways people can travel from one place to another.
Activities for the week include completing transportation puzzles, creating patterns with vehicles, reading books on transportation and making a collage of our favorite way to travel. At music time we’ll sing the Wheels on the Bus, I’ve Been Working on the Railroad and Laurie Berkner’s Airplane Song.
The letter of the week activity is Q is for queen.

WEEK OF: MARCH 1 – 5, 2021


This week we will have fun with Dr. Seuss activities in honor of his birthday on March 2nd. This day is recognized as National Read Across America Day which many schools celebrate. At PPP we will read a selection of Dr. Seuss books each day and have activities planned related to the stories.
The letter of the week activity is R is for read.


*Children may wear silly socks to school on Monday 3/1 and Thursday 3/4

*Children are asked to wear the colors red and blue to school on
Tuesday 3/2 and Friday 3/5.

*Registration forms for the 2021-2022 school year have been sent home.
Enrollment is now open for new families and spots will be filled on a first come first served basis.

*There is a signup sheet for those who would like their child (children) to attend school on WOW in March. You are welcome to sign up through email, too.

Monday (2/22) mini bagels & cream cheese Jack
Tuesday (2/23) pretzels & raisins Jackson

Thursday (2/25) Goldfish PPP will do
Friday (2/26) pretzels & raisins Carrie

Monday (3/1) Goldfish Cameron
Tuesday (3/2) bananas

Thursday (3/4) Goldfish Emma
Friday (3/5) bananas

Read Across America Day

It’s never too cold, too wet or too hot
To pick up a book, and share what you’ve got.
You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild
To pick up a book and read with a child.
In churches and chambers, let’s gather round
Let’s pick up a book, let’s pass it around
There are children around you, children in need
Of someone who’ll hug, someone who’ll read.
So join us March 2nd in your special own way
And make this America’s read to Kids Day.
-Anita Merina, 1997

Weekly Updates

THEME: SPACE continues….
WEEK OF: FEBRUARY 1 – 5, 2001

Zoom, zoom, zoom,
I’m going to the moon.
Would you like to take a trip? Climb aboard my rocket ship!
(crouch down) 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,
(jump up) BLAST OFF!

The children have enjoyed learning about the planets, moon, constellations, space travel and there is more to come this week!

WEEK OF: FEBRUARY 8 – 12, 2021

The Valentines theme this week will promote discussions and activities to talk about kindness, caring and being a good friend. We will write each child’s name on our kindness board when we see an act of kindness in the classroom Be sure to ask your child about their kind act this week.
The letter of the week is P is for Post Office.


*The children may bring in Valentine cards for their classmates. Please leave the outside envelope blank for ease of delivery and children may sign their own name on the inside.

There are 13 children in the M/T group and 14 in the Th/F group.

*We welcome cards without candy. Thank you.

*Registration forms for 2021-2022 will be sent home beginning February 8th.
Registration will be open to new families beginning 2/25 so be sure to return your forms to secure your first choice schedule.

*PPP is closed 2/15 – 2/19. Enjoy the week!

Monday (1) Honey Nut Cheerios Brielle
Tuesday (2) Goldfish Jesse, Margot
Thursday (4) Goldfish Liam
Friday (5) Honey Nut cheerios Henry

Monday (8) bananas Harper, Jack
Tuesday (9) animal crackers Connor
Thursday (11) bananas Mila
Friday (12) animal crackers Jack



WEEK OF: JANUARY 18 – 22, 2021

*Please note – due to the Monday holiday on 1/18, preschool will be held on Tuesday/ Wednesday and Thursday/ Friday this week.

This week we will explore activities related to keeping healthy. We will practice some healthy Yoga poses, paint with toothbrushes at the easel, re-measure our heights from September and see how much we’ve grown!  And explore the doctor’s office set up in the dramatic play center.

The letter of the week activity is N is for numbers.



WEEK OF: JANUARY 25 – 29, 2021

This is a SHARING WEEK.  The children may bring in an item related to the space theme on their scheduled sharing day.

The letter of the week activity is O is for outer space.



*Progress reports have been sent home. They do not need to be signed or returned. There is a sign-up sheet for those who would like to schedule a phone conference with Ms. Bridget and Ms. Sarah.

*Looking ahead…we plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day in school during the week of 2/8.  Children are welcome to bring in Valentine cards for their classmates.  If you choose to do so, please send in a card for everyone in the group. There are 13 children in the Monday/Tuesday class and 14 in the Thursday/Friday class.

Please send cards only (no candy). Thank you.


Monday (18) No preschool class

Tuesday (19) pretzels                                                    Connor

Wednesday (20) cheese & crackers                                PPP will do


Thursday (21) pretzels                                                  Jack Ca

Friday (22) mini bagels & cream cheese                      Christian


Monday (25) graham crackers                                       Cameron

Tuesday (26) bananas                                                   Jack Co


Thursday (28) bananas                                                 Stella, Brooke

Friday (29) graham crackers                                         Liam

WEEKLY UPDATE: JANUARY 4 – 8 and JANUARY 11 – 15, 2021


Welcome back and best wishes for a happy and healthy 2021!
We have many fun learning experiences planned for our exploration of winter.
At circle time we’ll conduct an experiment with ice and make our own snow! The winter art experiences will include creating puffy paint snowmen, a mitten collage and cut out snowflakes for the classroom. The dramatic play center is now a winter wonderl and with skating and ice fishing. Music time will find us moving like snowflakes, dancing the “freeze dance” and singing winter songs. The words to two are on the reverse.

The letter of the week activity is M is for mitten (for both weeks).

*When wearing snow boots, please send shoes or slippers in the backpack to change into once we’re inside. Wet snow boots make very slippery, wet floors!

*Check the spare clothes in your child’s backpack to be sure warm long pants, and socks are included.

*Snow pants may be worn onto the playground for snowy fun, and we’ll send them home at the end of the day. Please label all outerwear!

*Registration forms for the 2021-2022school year will be sent home at the end of January. Registration will be open to new families at that time as well.

Openings will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

*If you know of anyone who is interested in attending PPP in the fall they may call the school @ 978 374- 6678 or email perryparkpreschool@gmail.com for enrollment information. Thank you!

WEEKLY UPDATE: DECEMBER 7 – 11 and 14 – 18, 2020


There is excitement in the air and in the classroom as the children eagerly anticipate the upcoming holidays. During these two weeks many holiday learning experiences are planned. Circle time activities and discussions will focus on our families’ customs and holiday traditions. Center time activities will include creating decorations for home, reading holiday books, painting with pine boughs at the easel, playing the Dreidel game and reading a holiday issue of My Big World magazine.

At music time we will sing Jingle Bells, Rudolph, the Dreidel song and other popular songs of the season. Also, all the children will be busy working on a special gift for their families.

The letter of the week activities are K is for kite and L is for lights.

December 7-11 is a sharing week…the children are asked to bring in a holiday treasure on their scheduled sharing day.

A favorite Santa song: (Tune of Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes)
Hat, whiskers, belt and boots, belt and boots.
Hat, whiskers, belt and boots, belt and boots.
Twinkling eyes and a little cherry nose,
Hat, whiskers, belt and boots, belt and boots.

The children may wear their pajamas to school on Tuesday 12/ 8 and Friday 12/11.

The January snack calendar is available to sign.

Progress reports will be issued mid-January.

Information regarding registration for the 2021/2022 school year will come home in January.

Please check the spare clothes in your child’s backpack to be sure they include socks and warmer clothes for winter.

We wish you all a wonderful holiday! Preschool resumes on January 4th.

Weekly Update: NOVEMBER 30 – DECEMBER 4, 2020


Rhyming concepts are presented throughout the school year as part of our language curriculum. This week a more concentrated focus will be offered to help develop this important pre-reading skill. A selection of popular rhyming books and nursery rhymes will be read at circle time and story time and rhyming activities will follow at the learning centers.

The letter of the week activity is J is for jingle bells.

*The fundraiser was a great success and we appreciate your support!
With the proceeds we are looking into purchasing an air purifier for the classroom.

*The children often change their masks at snack time. We have disposable ones that all are welcome to, but they usually prefer to use their own. Please send two extras in the backpack each day.

*The next SHARING WEEK is 12/7 – 12/11.

Monday (30) Goldfish Vivian & Ben
Tuesday (1) graham crackers Harper & Jack

Thursday (3) Goldfish Henry
Friday (4) graham crackers PPP will do

WEEKLY UPDATES: October 19 – 23 and 26-30, 2020

OCTOBER 19 – 23, 2020

This week we will explore the animals found on a farm, farm products and equipment. Plans include making a scarecrow for the playground, playing an animal matching game at circle time and painting with apples.

The letter of the week activity is F is for farm.

OCTOBER 26 – 30, 2020

We’ll read Halloween books and sing our favorite Halloween songs this week for pumpkin and Halloween fun! We’ll practice our scissor skills while cutting Jack O’ Lantern faces and spooky ghosts. Boo bowling and a bean bag toss game will add to the fun!

The letter of the week activity is G is for ghost.

“See my great big scary eyes; watch out for a big surprise…BOO!”


*The November snack calendar is available to sign.

* The children are very excited about Halloween! We will have crafts and play games and have lots of Halloween fun in class. We appreciate your generous offers of treats, but it is recommended that items from home not be distributed or shared in school at this time, nor should the children wear costumes to school. Thank you.

*Please send an email or call and leave a message whenever your child is going to be absent from school.

Monday (19) cheese and crackers Jack Co.
Tuesday (20) carrots and dip Harper, Jack
Wednesday (21) graham crackers PPP will do
Thursday (22) cheese and crackers Ellie
Friday (23) carrots and dip Emma

Monday (26) pretzels Jackson
Tuesday (27) animal crackers Connor
Thursday (28) pretzels Liam
Friday (29) animal crackers Jack Cain



WEEKLY UPDATES: October 5-9, and October 12-16-2020

OCTOBER 5 -9, 2020

It’s all about Fall this week in preschool while we paint leaves, go on a nature walk around the parking lot at school, collect leaves and acorns for the science area and read books and sing songs about this colorful season.
The letter of the week is D is for dinosaur.

OCTOBER 12 – 16, 2020

We’ll read a My Big World magazine on fire safety, practice a fire drill (we do not sound an alarm) and learn about safety practices for home and school.
The letter of the week activity is E is for EXIT.

*It is a requirement for preschool that all children have a flu shot by 12/31.
Please let me know when your child receives one so I may add it to their file.
*School will be held on Monday, 10/12.
*The Monday/Tuesday group has received an email containing the schedule for
make-up days.
*Please check the spare clothes in your child’s backpack to be sure there is a
complete change of clothes and 2 masks.

Monday (5) bananas Cameron T.
Tuesday (6) birthday celebration Vivian, Margot
Wednesday (7) animal crackers PPP will do
Thursday (8) bananas Stella, Brooke
Friday (9) Goldfish Christian

Monday (12) graham crackers April
Tuesday (13) Clementines Jackson
Thursday (15) graham crackers Landon
Friday (16) Clementines Stella, Brooke